Social & Community Participation

Agape I care Helps its participants get the most from increased social community participation and expanding their social relationships or engaging with their peers for those who lack individual skills. Agape I care offers practical community challenges and participation programs for children and adults with disabilities.

We create Person-centered programs that help participants :

  • Enhance independent living life skills.
  • Build and maintain relationships.
  • Communicate effectively.

We provide exciting excursions for children and adolescents suffering from disabilities. Our field breaks and outings encourage:

  • Building confidence and Independence amongst participants
  • Increase social skill development
  • Building friendly and trusting relationships with peers
  • Help explore new places, sights, and surroundings
  • Allow personal space and time to help the participant and carer relaxation

With increased community participation, people with disabilities can experience new things, build essential skills, and learn how to build and strengthen peer relationships. We also focus on providing our carers with adequate time and breaks, especially those involved with round-the-clock monitoring for participants.

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About Us


Spreading God’s love by caring and supporting people with a disability to flourish and shape their own lives.


To provide person-centered support and services to people living with disabilities by acknowledging their strengths, values, and goals to live meaningful and fulfilled lives.

Our Values

1. Respect

    • Involving individuals in the decisions relating to their Care
    • Approaching all of our work with the bigger picture in mind
    • Welcoming diversity from staff, clients, and the wider community

2. Accountability for all

We hold ourselves and each other accountable for actions and results. Accountability ensures that every person, regardless of their needs, has access to possibility and opportunity.

3. Integrity.

We are transparent and honest, upholding high ethical and moral standards in our interactions with clients, staff, and the wider community to build lasting relationships.

Why Choose Agape I Care?

    • At Agape I Care, it’s all about you and your requirements. It’s never a one-size-fits-all solution with us.
    • You will get the support, education, information, and services that are best suited for you. Once we understand your needs and goals, we will put together a program tailored to your individual needs. Exploring possibilities, working through challenges, and celebrating your wins are what makes our day.
    • Our team of experts has specialist knowledge and high-level training, offering experience and expertise with a wide range of disabilities and complex needs.
    • Agape I Care provides a range of services for people with a disability across Australia and is a registered provider under the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.
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